Cellular and Molecular Medicine

The molecular and cellular medicine portfolio focuses on basic biological mechanisms or technologies relevant to human health and disease, including understanding the aetiology of disease and developing treatments. This includes specific responsibility for the MRC’s cancer research portfolio, including basic biology, epidemiology and early translational research. Encompasses all fundamental and molecular aspects of Medicine.Studies that are based on model organisms will also be considered, provided they are directly relevant to human disease. On translational aspects of molecular medicine, especially those related to the application of new understanding of the molecular basis of disease to experimental medicine and clinical practice. Molecular Medicine currently focused on the Cancer Biology, Infectious Diseases and Neural/Sensory Biology. These are underpinned by cutting-edge human pluripotent stem cell and regenerative medicine expertise and provides access to normal and diseased human cell types for more relevant investigations. Cancer Biology theme is mainly focused on common cancers that affect our community: breast, prostate, head & neck, and skin cancers. molecular mechanisms and cellular processes in the main development and process of above cancers. Other, the Infectious Diseases it involves investigating the epidemiology of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in both the community and hospital environment. It includes understanding the molecular mechanisms that contribute to the capacity of staphylococcal plasmids to acquire. The last Neural/Sensory Biology, it concentrates on using a diverse range of techniques and models to address the key questions relating to neural and vision disorders. Drug targets and cell and molecular mechanisms are key elements for making significant breakthroughs in neurodegenerative and blinding diseases.

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