Pathology & Molecular Medicine

Pathology is a gigantic piece of the therapeutic sciences to appreciate the possibility of the disease and an imperative field in conclusion and present day remedy. It joins a broad assortment of restorative practices and bioscience research to investigate disease generally by separating cells, tissues and body fluids. Nuclear arrangement is a rising domain that way to understand the sub-nuclear determinants of ailment and prosperity for the neutralizing activity, finding and treatment using physical, substance, common and therapeutic procedures. The Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine is a clinical office with an imperative research focus in tumor, hemostasis and vascular science. Understudies thusly have opportunities to look for after sweeping planning in fundamental and translational biomedical research, a case being symptomatic, perceptive and prognostic biomarker explore. The graduate undertakings offer opportunities to look for in the wake of bleeding edge degrees under the supervision of a great social event of major, clinical and translational investigators.

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